Monday, 30 November 2009


The whole idea of creating was to give an exciting platform to exotic woman of color in spandex! I had noticed that this was sorely lacking in the adult spandex fetish market and so decided to go ahead against the economy and invest substantially in the creation of the website.

Woman of color have always intrigued me the most and as i have a taste for the exotic and an already well established spandex fetish i figured hey! let's put them together and see what happens?
So here we are in 2009 with a spandex fetish i had acquired back in '87 and it was'nt until maybe the year of '94 that i became more aware of my preference for ladies of color.
To some this may seem like an odd fetish,desire or it what you will, but i just had to share it with the world.
Turns out i was'nt the only one with an spandex obsessed appetite for exotic woman!
Long may one man's vision continue to flourish in difficult times & hopefully spread a little bit of joy to the world.